The Walney Energy for Life fun run organised by the Evening Mail and sponsored by local business Get Me My Mortgage aims to introduce new runners to the sport by holding three different races.

The first was the Disability Mile Race.

Tyler Hayward, a 10-year-old from Walney was happy to take part. He said: “This is my second time doing it and I really enjoyed it. I did it with two friends this year which makes it more fun because they are there to talk to and we help support each other.”

At 11am the 5k and 10k races kicked off.

Barrow MP John Woodcock was taking part in the 10k run. He said: “It’s brilliant to see such a good turn out in bad weather it’s actually great conditions to run in but just not so great for people to come along and cheer people on.

“It’s a credit to the town as this run has really taken off since it started and it’s been brilliant to see people out and about on the streets of Walney in the lead up to it.

“This run really gets across the value of taking part and getting fit.”

Another person brave enough to take part in the 10k run was 74-year-old Jill Thompson. She does the Barrow Park Run every week and accompanying her yesterday was Matthew Cooksey, 11, Brandon Dockeray, 10, and Korik Thompson, 9.

She said: “We have been going to the Barrow park run together for about two to three years now and the kids are going to take part in the 5k run today whilst I do the 10k.

“I am trying to encourage the young ones to take part in running because keeping fit is very important. It’s also something that gets the kids out of the house and keeps them energetic.”

Jill started taking an interest in running when she was 48 and this year alone she had completed the London Marathon and the Keswick to Barrow.