Four-year-old Riley Satterthwaite has proved an inspiration to countless people because of his selfless attitude and consideration for others. Riley’s mum, Sarah-Louise Collins, nominated her son after he got up to let an elderly lady sit down on the bus. Miss Collins said: “I nominated him because two days ago, a lady got on the bus and he stood up straight away before anyone else and asked if she would like to sit down.

“He is so considerate and always puts other people before himself.”

Described as a “lovely, happy little boy”, Riley, a pupil at St Columba’s on Walney, is a fun-loving, bubbly character who shows great kindness to others. Miss Collins said: “He always puts everybody else before himself.

“If he has a pack of sweets, he’ll never open them and take the first one, he’ll share them around first.”

Miss Collins has recently become a foster carer which has transformed Riley’s life.

She said: “I became a foster carer in April and he has been so warm and welcoming to the children who come to our home.

“People were saying it would change his life but he has taken to it like a duck to water.

“A girl came to stay with us and he was so affectionate towards her.

“He was always sharing his toys with her and wanted to make sure she was OK.”